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Our Areas of Practice

Hazardous Materials Endorsement

The TSA bases its preliminary determination of ineligibility on either inaccurate or incomplete information. 

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TWIC Waivers and Appeals

If you were denied a Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC), you should contact an experienced TWIC lawyer today. We can help.

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Freedom of Information

A transparent Government is essential in a democratic society. American citizens, as taxpayers, deserve to know what their Government is doing.

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Customs Seizure

Since this is a federal practice area, the Customs Seizure Lawyers at the National Security Law Firm represent clients in this process nationwide.

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Merchant Mariner Credential (MMC) Denial

At the National Security Law Firm, we represent mariners nationwide with respect to obtaining or keeping their MMC. 

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Global Entry Appeals

If your Global Entry application has been rejected, you should promptly consult with an experienced Global Entry appeal lawyer. You can still fight and be admitted to the program.

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Security Clearances

Approximately 1% of applicants are denied a security clearance. This however does not factor in people who receive a Statement of Reasons (SOR), and simply do not respond.

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TSA Pre-Check Appeals

If you received a Preliminary Determination of Ineligibility regarding your TSA PreCheck application, contact an experienced TSA PreCheck appeal lawyer today.

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Discharge Upgrades

A discharge upgrade lawyer can make a persuasive, organized, & comprehensive presentation & argument to the board can mean the difference in obtaining an Honorable upgrade.

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At Brett O’Brien Law, LLC, our TSGLI appeal lawyers are highly knowledgeable of the TSGLI claims and denials process and will aggressively pursue the benefits that you deserve.

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Experienced Security Clearance Attorneys

Our attorneys specialize in security clearance appeals.  They have dedicated their careers to learning the entire security clearance process from start to finish.  They started by working for the federal government before entering private practice.  Their extensive experience working for the federal government includes over eight years advising clients on revoking and suspending an employee’s security clearance, reporting derogatory information, representing clients in their response to a Statement of Reasons (SOR), and serving in a joint duty assignment for the Defense Office of Hearings and Appeals (DOHA).  Their work at the DOHA allowed them to learn the inner-workings of the Agency responsible for representing the Department of Defense Central Adjudicative Facility (DoD CAF). All of these experiences provide our attorneys a unique advantage over other attorneys and firms who practice in the security clearance niche.

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