Our attorneys specialize in security clearance appeals.  They have dedicated their careers to learning the entire security clearance process from start to finish.  They started by working for the federal government before entering private practice.  Their extensive experience working for the federal government includes over eight years advising clients on revoking and suspending an employee’s security clearance, reporting derogatory information, representing clients in their response to a Statement of Reasons (SOR), and serving in a joint duty assignment for the Defense Office of Hearings and Appeals (DOHA).  Their work at the DOHA allowed them to learn the inner-workings of the Agency responsible for representing the Department of Defense Central Adjudicative Facility (DoD CAF). All of these experiences provide our attorneys a unique advantage over other attorneys and firms who practice in the security clearance niche.


Brett O’Brien’s zealous representation of his clients can only be obtained by having years of experience working for the federal government. Brett knows the system and he knows the government’s strategies. He has been practicing national security law for his entire career. Brett has extensive experience advising the government on temporarily or permanently revoking an employee’s security clearance for different violations of the thirteen adjudicative guidelines.  Therefore, he is able to take this unique experience and apply it to the zealous representation of his clients.

His unique experiences in addition to temporarily working at the DOHA includes: graduating from the Navy’s classified litigation course and the U.S. Army’s Litigation Division’s Federal Litigation course, providing unique knowledge on how to deal with classified reasons for revocation, the U.S. Army’s new prosecutors course; and the U.S. Army’s intermediate trial advocacy course.  In short, the U.S. government provided Brett extensive training on trial advocacy and how to best represent his clients in their security clearance revocations.

Brett has been worked in and supported the intelligence community for eight years.  He worked for three years supporting the Army’s intelligence units responsible for operations south of the border, which included U.S./Mexico border issues.  He worked for approximately two and half years as the legal advisor for the Army’s counterintelligence organization.  This job included advising the government on counterintelligence investigations as well as assisting technical experts whose focus was on assessing the truthfulness of employees. Throughout these eight years he consistently advised his clients on security clearance revocations.

Brett graduated from Denison University in 2008 and Case Western Reserve University School of Law in 2011.  While at Case Western Reserve University School of Law, Brett co-founded the military law society and was the student responsible for working with faculty on creating a national security concentration within the school.  National security matters are not just a job for Brett, instead national security law has been his career passion.

In short, call our team immediately to seek guidance on how to navigate the complex and often confusing process of suspending and/or permanently revoking your security clearance.


If you are appealing a security clearance determination, it is imperative that you obtain experienced legal representation. Doing so will provide you with the best opportunity to obtain or maintain your clearance.

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