Security Clearance Denial Appeals

Approximately 1% of applicants are denied a security clearance.  This statistic is misleading because the vast majority of applicants with disqualifying and/or derogatory information will chose to not respond to the Statement of Reasons (SOR) that is issued by the Central Adjudicative Facility.

The SOR will initially recommend a denial, but provide an opportunity to refute the recommendation. This is when many people will give up, but giving up ensures a denial. You have the right to refute the recommendation and successfully fight for your security clearance.

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Courts-Martial Defense – Military Defense Lawyers

A criminal trial in the military is known as a court-martial. At National Security Law Firm, our military defense lawyers know the military justice system inside and out. This is extremely important if you are being accused of a crime in the military, due to its unique criminal justice system. While most people have a general understanding of the civilian criminal justice system, the military criminal justice system is unique and differs in many ways from a civilian criminal trial. Thus, it is very important that any attorney that represents a military member at a court-martial has specific military defense experience.

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Federal Employment Law

The employment rights of federal employees present a double-edged sword.  On the one side, federal employment laws protect federal employees from arbitrary and unfair treatment by supervisors and others in authority. And, without a doubt, when it comes to “job security,” federal employees are much better off than employees in the private sector. But on the other hand, federal employees are subject to various restrictions and prohibitions on conduct that do not apply to employees in the private sector.

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TSA Pre-Check Appeals

Surprisingly, TSA PreCheck appeal attorneys have found that the TSA often times bases its preliminary of determination of ineligibility on inaccurate, incomplete, or false information.

If your offense was downgraded to a misdemeanor or a lesser offense, was expunged or pardoned, or if it has been more than 7 years since you were convicted of a disqualifying offense (for some, but not all felony convictions), you should be eligible for participation in PreCheck. In these circumstances, we recommend that you appeal the TSA’s preliminary determination.

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Global Entry Appeals

According to the TSA, approximately 3-5% of the roughly 30,000 applicants that apply for Global Entry status every month will be denied.

Customs and Border Protection (“CBP”) in most cases will issue a written reason for the denial, but this is not always the case. In some cases, the applicant will have to pursue various avenues in an attempt to find out the reason for the denial. The most common reasons applicants will be denied, however, will be due to past arrests or convictions for criminal offenses or for administrative customs violations.

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Hazardous Materials Endorsement

We understand the HME appeal and waiver process and will put together a comprehensive appeal and/or waiver application on your behalf.

TSGLI Appeals

Our TSGLI appeal lawyers are highly knowledgeable of the TSGLI claim and appeal process and will aggressively pursue the benefits that you deserve. Moreover, our TSGLI appeal lawyers handle TSGLI claims and appeals nationwide.

Whether you are an active duty member, a reservist, or a National Guard member, you may be eligible for substantial TSGLI benefits as a result of any injuries that you have sustained. Moreover, the broad sweeping TSGLI benefits are available to you even if your injury was not sustained while on duty or even related to your military service.

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TWIC Waivers and Appeals

If you were denied a Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC), you should contact an experienced TWIC lawyer today.

If we determine that the information that the TSA based its preliminary determination of ineligibility on is correct, and that you were in fact convicted of a disqualifying offense, the experienced TWIC waiver lawyers at National Security Law Firm will file a waiver on your behalf. In doing so, we will work to gather and submit various documentation in an order to demonstrate that you have been rehabilitated and that you are eligible to hold a TWIC.

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Freedom of Information Act

A transparent Government is essential in a democratic society. American citizens, as taxpayers, deserve to know what their Government is doing with their money.

Fortunately, the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) provides a mechanism for us to find out what the Government is up to.  Subject to nine specific exceptions, 5 USC 552 allows anybody to ask the Government to disclose its records.  It does not matter why a person wants to see the Government’s records.  Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) applies to any and all federal agencies.

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Merchant Mariner Credential Denials

If you were denied a Merchant Mariner Credential, or if you had your Merchant Mariner Credential suspended or revoked, an experienced Merchant Mariner Credential lawyer can drastically increase your chances of keeping your MMC.

At the National Security Law Firm, we represent mariners nationwide with respect to obtaining or keeping their MMC.  We also understand that, without your MMC, your ability to work is severely impacted as a mariner. Thus, our Merchant Mariner Credential lawyers will aggressively defend you throughout the MMC denial, suspension, or revocation process.

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Military Discharge Upgrade

We represent clients in the upgrade process nationwide. Moreover, should your case require a hearing, our office is conveniently (and cost-effectively) located in Washington, D.C., where discharge hearings take place.

Military discharge upgrade lawyer Brett O’Brien, Esq., knows that, unless upgraded, less-than-honorable discharges can negatively impact veterans for the rest of their careers and make them ineligible for future benefits. If your military discharge was less than optimal or has affected your ability to obtain a job or benefits, discharge upgrade lawyer Brett O’Brien can help.

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Customs Seizure

Since this is a federal practice area, the Customs Seizure Lawyers at the National Security Law Firm represent clients in this process nationwide.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (“CBP”) is authorized to seize goods or currency for violations of various customs laws and regulations. If CBP finds a customs violation, they will seize the subject goods and transfer them to a bonded warehouse. Forfeitures of seized goods or currency are handled by a department known as Fines, Penalties, and Forfeitures (FP&F).

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Suitability Determination

Not all federal employment positions require security clearances (e.g., Confidential, Secret, Top Secret). However, federal employment positions are sensitive in nature and, accordingly, require a high level of integrity and trust. As such, the federal government requires its employees and contractors to be considered “suitable for employment” and fit to perform work on behalf of the federal government. Examples of federal positions that require suitability determinations would include federal law enforcement officers, IT professionals, and health workers.

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SF-86 Application Advice and Document Preparation

The application advice and document preparation attorneys at National Security Law Firm offer highly specialized knowledge to help you gain security clearance for a job. We work with huge numbers of individuals who are filling out the SF-86 application. In many cases, incomplete or inaccurate information is found that may add time to the application process. When you work with the National Security Law Firm, we’ll help you prepare for, fill out, and submit your SF-86 application. We can also assist you if additional documentation is needed for the application to go through.

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Experienced Attorneys to Help

Our attorneys specialize in security clearance appeals.  They have dedicated their careers to learning the entire security clearance process from start to finish.  They started by working for the federal government before entering private practice.  Their extensive experience working for the federal government includes over eight years advising clients on revoking and suspending an employee’s security clearance, reporting derogatory information, representing clients in their response to a Statement of Reasons (SOR), and serving in a joint duty assignment for the Defense Office of Hearings and Appeals (DOHA).  Their work at the DOHA allowed them to learn the inner-workings of the Agency responsible for representing the Department of Defense Central Adjudicative Facility (DoD CAF). All of these experiences provide our attorneys a unique advantage over other attorneys and firms who practice in the security clearance niche.

A Denial Is Not The End…You Can Fight, We Can Help.


If you are appealing a security clearance determination, it is imperative that you obtain experienced legal representation. Doing so will provide you with the best opportunity to obtain or maintain your clearance.

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