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What is the Global Entry Program? | TSA Global Entry Appeal

Created by the United States Congress, the Global Entry Program is system managed by the United States Customs and Border Protection Agency. It serves to allow travelers the use of electronic kiosks when they are not considered at-risk travel individuals. The use of these kiosks help to avoid long waiting times that are related with the clearance of customs when traveling worldwide. The Global Entry Program facilitates traveling for many individuals across the world.

The primary intent for this program does not only include to serve and benefit travelers but the program is also set to assist the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agency. The program calls for the pre-screening of trusted travelers. This ultimately shifts the focus and resources onto unknown travelers since unknown travelers pose a higher threat to the national security of the United States.

Traveler Benefits – The Global Entry Program is largely beneficial to occupational travelers who regularly travel as well as to airline staff members. It serves to aid those who travel frequently. To avoid the long inspection lines, Global Entry members can utilize the designated kiosk, ultimately saving themselves considerable amounts of time. As an additional benefit, some countries offer travelers expedited processing. This means that the amount of paperwork or filing will be shortened or even accelerated.

Along with the program’s core benefits, another valuable advantage of Global Entry is the automatic approval for the Transportation Security Administration’s Pre-Check Program. This program will allow travelers to speed across domestic security waiting lines at United States airports.

Applying for Global Entry Membership

The Global Entry program is not a required or necessary travel program, however, you can apply to be accepted into the program. If you, or someone your know is interested in applying for the program, there is processes in which you can apply which may include:

  • Paying a fee;
  • Scheduling an interview with a local U.S. Customs and Border Protection agent; and
  • Scheduling a screening with a local United States Customs and Border Protection agent.

To learn more about this process the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agency has produced an online gateway that provides more information about this and other programs.

When Your Application Has Been Rejected

Once you have submitted an application with Global Entry, the United States Customs and Border Protection Agency has discretion in administering the program. With that being said, there are specific reasons as to why your application can be denied. The following are some of these reasons:

  • Providing incomplete information and/or any false declarations on the application;
  • Having been detained for, or found guilty of criminal offenses;
  • Have open criminal charges or pending warrants in a country; or
  • Having been convicted of participating in, or the planning of any terrorist attacks.

If your application has been denied, you can seek to challenge or appeal this decision. Doing so will not guarantee a successful approval into the program, however, it will amend your application to clarify any missed or incorrect information and ultimately give you a fair opportunity to apply. It is important to note that past convictions or even an expunged criminal charge has been reason to mistakenly reject an applicant. If you have had a past criminal conviction expunged, an experienced attorney can help you appeal your rejection.

Appealing a denied entry into the Global Entry program can be a lengthy and challenging process. Hiring an experienced lawyer can ease the procedure. It can also serve to shorten the application process, which will ultimately save you both time and money.

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