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What to Expect at your Global Entry Interview | TSA Global Entry Appeal Lawyers

If you have applied for Global Entry membership, then you are likely well aware that you will undergo an extensive background investigation as well as an in-person interview.  Below please find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions the Global Entry appeal lawyers at Brett O’Brien Law, LLC are asked regarding the interview process.

What sorts of questions will my interviewer ask me?

With respect to the interview itself, most of our clients have advised that their interviews proceeded in a conversation-like manner, as opposed to an interrogation.  Some of the most likely questions your interviewer will focus will be related to the following issues:

  • Your basic biographical information (i.e., name, address, birthdate, etc.);
  • Confirmation of information contained in your application;
  • The reason(s) you are applying for Global Entry membership;
  • Details regarding your employment;
  • Details surrounding any prior travel (i.e., the reasons for your travel, whether for business or pleasure, etc.);
  • Details regarding any prior arrests or convictions; and
  • Details regarding any prior customs or border patrol issues.

Thus, before attending your interview, you will want to think about your answers to some of these questions.  You should also know that your interviewer likely already knows all of the answers to most these questions.  Often, the interview process itself is more of an integrity check, as opposed to an opportunity to collect information from you.  Thus, it is vital that you are honest and forthright throughout the interview.

There may, however, be a few situations where the interviewer does need additional information and/or clarification from you.  For example, if you were arrested and the charges were subsequently dismissed, your interviewer might need proof that the charges were actually dismissed.  Try to bring any paperwork to your interview that supports your position.  For this same reason, it is vital that you accurately know your entire criminal history before attending your interview.  If you are at all unsure of what is on your criminal record or you do not recall the details regarding any of your arrests, be sure to find out before you apply for Global Entry.

What else happens during the interview? In addition to going over the above-mentioned questions, your interview may also include watching a short video, being fingerprinted and photographed, and/or training on how to use a Global Entry kiosk.

How long does the interview take? According to the majority of our Global Entry clients, the interview itself is relatively short and can last anywhere from 5 minutes to 30 minutes (with most lasting approximately 15 minutes).  If you have a criminal record though or have traveled to “flagged” countries, however, your interview might last longer.  Nonetheless you should plan on setting aside plenty of time for your interview.  Although the interview itself will likely be short, depending on your appointment time, you may have to wait anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour before you are seen for your interview.

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