Merchant Mariner Credential Denials, Suspensions, and Revocations

If you were denied a Merchant Mariner Credential, or if you had your Merchant Mariner Credential suspended or revoked, an experienced Merchant Mariner Credential lawyer can drastically increase your chances of keeping your MMC.

At the National Security Law Firm, we represent mariners nationwide with respect to obtaining or keeping their MMC.

We also understand that, without your MMC, your ability to work is severely impacted as a mariner. Thus, our Merchant Mariner Credential lawyers will aggressively defend you throughout the MMC denial, suspension, or revocation process.

Merchant Mariner Credential Denials

Merchant Mariner Credential Suspension or Revocation

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If you are appealing a security clearance determination, it is imperative that you obtain experienced legal representation. Doing so will provide you with the best opportunity to obtain or maintain your clearance.

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