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How to Appeal the Rejection of a TSA Pre-Check or a Global Entry Program Application Due to Your Criminal History

Data from the Transportation Security Administration, also known as the TSA, states that between three to five percent of about 30,000 monthly candidates that request Pre-Check or Global Entry Program admission are denied for a multitude of reasons. Often, applicants are denied due to incorrect information, which often appears during the extensive criminal background checks. To illustrate, according to the Transportation Security Administration, if you have a criminal case that was pardoned or overturned on appeal they will not hold the violation against you. Despite this claim, it is commonly seen that applicants are denied due to past convictions that were in fact overturned or pardoned.

The Many Ways in Which You Could Be Permanently Disqualified to Participate in These Programs

There are certain instances in which the TSA can permanently disqualify you from participating in a Pre-Check or Global Entry Program. Some of these serious disqualifying agents include:

  • Being convicted of a crime involving an incident with transportation security,
  • Inappropriate shipping of a hazardous material,
  • Illegal ownership or the use of an explosive device,
  • Acts of terrorism, or
  • Making threats about explosive devices in a public place

Appealing Denied Applications

While there are serious offenses that can potentially disqualify you permanently from pursuing these programs, there have been instances in which the TSA will disqualify someone based on faulty information. Inaccurate information can potentially lead an applicant from being permanently ineligible to apply. Finding an experienced and knowledgeable TSA Pre-Check and Global Entry Appeals attorney can help your case and showcase why your denial was incorrect and should be re-considered.

Upon other disqualifying errors, the Transportation Security Administration has also been known to reject an application based on dismissed convictions. A qualified and experienced attorney can appeal the rejected application and demonstrate proper verification of dismissed charges or other faulty information.

Although there are many reasons as to why you can be denied or disqualified in a TSA Pre-Check or Global Entry Program, there are also various opportunities to demonstrate your case. Hiring an attorney can help you demonstrate that you were rejected based on a misrepresentation of your application.

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Brett O'Brien, Esq.
Brett O'Brien, Esq.

Brett O’Brien specializes in security clearance appeals. He has dedicated his career to learning the entire security clearance process from start to finish. He started his journey by working for the federal government before entering private practice. Learn more about Brett here.

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